Mar 31, 2009

dta works

this collage just shows me serving in my niche.

Mar 23, 2009

fall into

This collage is from a shoot with WALE PHOTOS (aka Wale Ariztos), check out his mag. ARIZTOS. It was to have a gap like feel to it....
These are some of my fav shots...

thx ladies..

Mar 22, 2009

Shooting in Spring!!

I had the pleasure of working with a great photog. today. Mr Adebayo Dawodu of Symplx Design Studio. A very impressive young man, who taught me some great life lessons! It was a fashion/editorial shoot with amazing Designers... & Models.
This is one of the fabulous models that I had the pleasure of working with...Official pics on the way!!
My make up focus was her eyes...

Thanks Cudjoe!

Mar 17, 2009

Bridal Photoshoot Day 2...

Today, my model, Elizabeth, and I continued with the bridal shoot...

Mar 15, 2009

Model on the rise!

Let me introduce you to a new and upcoming model, Elizabeth...She is remarkable! Okay, maybe she doesn't think so, but I believe that she is a talented model! She volunteered to help me out with this shoot. Thanks Elizabeth.
These are a (very) few of her shots...

This make-up is inspired by the 1950s era of Marilyn Monroe!

Mar 14, 2009


This season is wedding prep season...for all the newly weds to be, did you know that I offer bridal packages? If interested, my contact info is / 240.353.5899
Check out my ad! I had fun putting this ad together!!

Mar 13, 2009

A Great Day for a Shoot!

Today was a very exciting day for me because I had the pleasure of working with three great folks! Dotun (, Olaide ( a radio personality from Nigeria), and Shafy (a talented songstress, who happens to be both an event planner and a wardrobe stylist!)

I had a blast!
Check out some pics from the shoot, thanks Dotun for your tips!!!

Sis Shafy showing Laide how to pose :^)

What a beauty!

Mar 12, 2009

Make-up Session with Bukky...

I had the pleasure of spending time with some friends, and decided to do a quick make over...Her birthday is coming up, so I guess we might re-visit the make-over idea.

I started with foundation...this is the second most important step, after your skin care regimen.

Yes, we did turn this session into a photoshoot!!
Thanks Bukky for being a sport!!!

Mar 9, 2009

Another day, another venture...

Step-by-Step Application of Make-up:

1. Start with a good skin care regimen
- It is important that you cleanse your face twice daily (preferably every 12hours).
- The facial cleanser that you choose should be able to loosen dirt and dissove oily buildup.
(Do not use soap, for it'll dry out your face)
- Your skin care regimen should include exfoliation, which removes the dead layer of skin that
naturally builds up after shedding. Exfoliation allows your face to have a beautiful glow!
- Did you know that when men shave, they are undergoing an exfoliation process?
- The last part of your skin care regimen should include moisturization.

Mar 8, 2009

Gele Day

Hello all, I'm tagging today as Gele Day... I'll show you some of my gele pictures, then later on, i'll show you the steps of tying a gele. For all the newbies out there, who would like to learn, keep your antennas up!!

I call this gele style, the "sunflower" style. This model also happens to be a talented make-up artist, she did her make-up here..

The Portrait of a Virtuous Woman, my mother!! I tied her gele and enhanced her beauty with a mild touch of make-up for her birthday. This gele is the aso oke gele that I spoke about a day ago. The name of this style? I haven't come up with one yet!

C'est moi avec gele...this is yours truly with another style of gele.

i call this the "rose" style

Mar 7, 2009

More bridal pics...

Okay, I just could not resist putting up some more bridal pics...the brides were not only beautiful on the outside, but they were gorgeous on the inside.


For all out there who don't know what a gele is, it's an african head wrap made of fabric that is nice and firm. So when you wrap it, it stays put.

However, there are different types, Aso oke gele (which is a softer material), and Damask gele (a firmer fabric).

This is a model with a silver gele on.

During a bridal expo..I had the pleasure of working with some amicable models...

I'm sure you like my fashion portfolio so far, but let me introduce to you some of my bridal ports!

okay, so you finally see what I look like. that's me and one of the models..

Please forgive the quality of my super duper new Canon Rebel!! I'm getting into taking pics because I don't have the pleasure of toting around a professional photographer, lol.


This is another fashion shoot with Dotun.. Very soon, i'll take you through a step by step application of fashion makeup.


This is one of my first major photoshoots..