Apr 24, 2009

Prom edition

Today was a lovely day...I also had the pleasure of making up a promster!!! A special day in her journey to young adulthood.

...and her proud mother!!! Thanks sis!

Apr 19, 2009

Quick Bridal Skin Care Dos & Don'ts...

Since it's bridal season, I've been working with a lot of brides.
I find that a lot of brides don't know that a skin care regimen is pertinent to looking flawless on their special day...there's a limit to what make-up can accomplish with skin that's "texture-challenged".
Here are a few tips that I got from BeautyTipsHub, http://www.beautytipshub.com/bridal-tips/skin-care.html ...check it out!

Maintain a healthy food habit at regular intervals
Follow a diet full of vitamins and nutrients.
Take ample rest and get proper sleep
Cleanse and massage your skin regularly
Seek professional help before applying makeup
Include yoga, exercise, and other physical activities as part of your health regimen
Avoid junk food, processed foods, caffeine consumption and foods high in calories
Avoid trying new cosmetics and makeup
Avoid stress and anxiety
Stay happy and smile a lot!
Here's a lovely bride that adhered to these tips:


Apr 10, 2009

LaDy in rED

this is a post-valentine's edition...fellas, who's your lady in red?! lol ;^)

Apr 6, 2009

April in april...

Another shoot with Adebayo Dawodu...more to come.
Thx April..you're Naija's Next Top Model!!!!


This is one of my first major photoshoots..